Fiberglass Boat Repair & Restoring

Serving Alexandria Bay, NY, the 1000 Islands Region & Upstate Northern NY


 Thanks for stopping by our fiberglass boat repair site!
With over 20 years of experience in the repair and restoration of 
fiberglass boats, we continue to provide Upstate New York with 
premium boat repair.  We service most of Northern New York 
Including: Alexandria Bay and the 1000 Islands, Clayton, 
Theresa, Lafargeville, Watertown, Cape Vincent, Hammond, 
Chippewa Bay, Brier Hill, Morristown, Ogdensburg, 
Canton and more.


 Hey… so you got your boat to have fun with, go out on those weekend cruises,
do some sight seeing, maybe spend a relaxing day away,
Yeah, we know it is – completely with ya!

We understand how important your boat is to you.  And if you live in the Upstate New York region,
we also understand how important (and how short lived) your boating season is!  

  Dave and Gary’s Boat Restorations and Repair has been helping boaters with their repair and restoration needs for many years.
Professionally trained and experienced, we are in tune with the boater and his or her needs.

  Over the years, we have seen and tended to just about every repair and restoration condition imaginable.
Boaters can play hard, and when they hit the waters just about anything can happen.
From sun and elemental damage to the gelcoat, to chips and scratches, dings and smashes.
From wear and tear, blisters and osmosis, to rotting transoms and broken down stringers.
From the bow pulpit to the swim platform and everything in between – nothing seems to be safe from that age old enemy, Murphy and his law.

   If Murphy’s Law has been the order of the day for you recently and worse, it rudely took it out on your boat,
at least you can find comfort in that – 
we are fully knowledgeable and experienced in reversing the effects caused by this unseen villain.   

  We provide mobile service as well as shop quarter for your boat.
This means we can work at your location or in one of the many stationary locations available to us.  

  We also work with most of the local marinas like: Bonnie Castle Yacht Basin, RC Congel, Aqua Mania,
Wrights Sporting Goods and Marina, Henderson Harbor Marina, the Clayton Marina, and so many many more.
Because we are insured, most marinas are agreeable to our presence at their properties,
so if you use a marina in the Upstate Northern New York area, ask your marina owner for Dave and Gary’s Boat Restorations and Repair.
From Morristown NY, to Watertown, to Alexandria Bay and Henderson and points beyond, we are out there working for you.

  Finally – we are not a large corporation, but rather, we are a couple of trained boat repair technicians who’s passion is repairing and restoring boats.
This means that we are able to provide you with personal attention, and each job gets the attention it deserves.


What we do

From bow to stern and all things in between…

Major hull and damage, structural and collision damage repairs

Chips and scratches and scuffs

Gelcoat color restoring & complete overall restorations

Transom and stringers replacements

Core materials replacements

Bottom repairs and bottom painting

Cleaning, washing, waxing & teak restorations

Dave’s Cell (I usually have my phone on me, call me if you need me)