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The Bible & Science

The Bible & Science

Did You Know?

That the bible is not only supernatural, but very scientific?


Revelation 12 Prophecy Fulfilled on September 23rd, 2017

This is a big, big deal.  One of the most amazing, wondrous signs for our lifetime, for our entire age, came to pass on September 23rd, 2017, right at the beginning of the Feast of Trumpets.

Is The Theory of Evolution True?  Find out why evolution is one of the biggest lies ever told!  How does CREATION scientifically beat the evolution theory hands down? Find out

What is scientific about the bible? – The whole bible is scientific, click this link to find out how and why

Did you know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him going to the cross for us, is also written in the stars? 

This also once again, proves the big bang theory and evolution to be false.  Who can arrange all of the stars and planets and constellations to line up precisely and tell a complete story but God.  The Earth and the planets and the heavenly bodies up there, are carefully designed and placed.

Once again, Science proves the bible!
The Gospel in the Stars -

You Can’t Get More Scientific Than This!  Revelation 12 Proves the Bible! Planet X – Nibiru Proves the Bible!

The Tribulation & Rapture – From Daniel’s Timeline

Aliens Demons the Bible & Creation – This video is worth watching

Aliens Demons the Bible & Creation video

Aliens & the Bible – Did Aliens Put Us Here?

Revelation 12 and Revelation 15 Signs – Amazing, showing
how God’s planets, stars and yes, the whole solar system all line up perfectly just as God told us they would, thousands of years ago.

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Revelation 12 & 15 Signs = Prophecy Proving the Bible