Planet X – Nibiru

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Planet X – Nibiru & Revelation 12

Planet X


Also called Nibiru, Wormwood, The Great Red Dragon
and Destroyer of Worlds & Revelation 12

Planet X also named Nibiru
Getting Nearer

Planet X, or Nibiru was discovered in 1983. It was discovered while on it’s long, 3,600 year orbit, toward planet Earth.

Nibiru is also on it’s way toward Earth.  As it gets nearer, we are already seeing atmospheric and Earth changes, Including some pole shifting.
Nibiru is estimated to be around 10 times the size of our Earth.  This massive rogue dark star, God calls the Great Red Dragon and the Destroyer of Worlds
and now as it draws nearer, it can be seen in our skys, near our Sun.

The worlds governments, leaders and media, including NASA, do keep a lid on Nibiru, although occasionally they will drop hints
on the general public.  They won’t come right out and tell us that Nibiru is heading our way and will soon pass between us and our sun,
and most likely cause global catastrophic disaster, for, if they did – public panic and looting and violence and hysteria would be the order
of the day.  Fortunately, there are leakers within NASA, the government, and around the world, and various organizations WHO ARE
tracking Nibiru, documenting and recording it, and sharing it with the people.

We mention Nibiru in this section, because it may very well go hand in hand with the most amazing prophecy perhaps, in our time…
The Revelation 12 Sign, found in – Revelation 12 of God’s Bible.


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It is important to note:
As the site developer of CRN, I do NOT agree
with the mainstream planet x research which
believes planet x and or Niburu will soon make
a near earth pass by.
Planet X is some 10 times larger than Earth.
When it does make a near Earth pass by it’s
sheer size, gravitational pull and magnetic pull
will be enough to pull the Earth right off it’s axis
and maybe along with it.  It would be a life ending
event of planet Earth.

This cannot and will not happen until
AFTER the great 7 year tribulation.

Videos Explaining About Planet X
and Revelation 12


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Scott Clarke goes yet a bit deeper explaining Revelation 12, Nibiru and biblical times and seasons. Something Epic This Way Comes

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Question: Who or what does the planet Jupiter Represent in the Revelation 12 sign?
Answer: Some believe it represents Jesus. Some believe it represents the church, or the body of Christ and means the rapture of the church.  Click Here to find out.

Videos Showing Scientific Data, Imagery
and Videos of Planet X – Nibiru


Scientific Nibiru - Images, video, probable outcomes

Investigator David Meade Joins the Leak Project in an Interview. David Meade reports that Nibiru will probably pass by Earth before Nov. 2017

Planet X Scientific Images & Data


Planet X – Black Star – Nibiru
Questions & Answers

Terral03 – Planet X investigator/researcher
video addresses some basic questions about the Nibiru system.

Want to know more about what is going on?

The science involved?

How we can know what we know?

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