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Here we shall add images & videos submitted by viewers.

Have you captured an image of the skies that you find strange?
Or perhaps you have images or video of something in the skies
you know isn’t right.

There is a whole lot going on up in our skies now –
from red reflections, strange glows, orbs,
double and triple light sources, extra heavy
chemtrailing and on and on it goes.

We are all in this together and if you have an image or a video you
would like to share, please submit it right to me, the author of
the CRN site, David, at the following email:

Note: I am not reposting pictures of clouds and chemtrails, there
are way too many! So please withhold those.  Here I only want to post more anomalous images or video, i.e., if you have captured something extraordinary.

Submit images and video to:

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