Black Man Shoots Up White Church – Media Ignores Anti-White Hate Crime

Black Man Shoots Up White Church

A black man went on a shooting rampage at a predominantly white Tennessee church to get revenge for the Dylan Roof shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.

Here folks, is proof, that youtube is into some sort of sick and twisted agenda.  This Mark Dice video merely told about how the main stream news media have ignored this story and youtube has removed Mark Dice’s video.  Sick?  Anti American?  Communistic? Censorship just like back in the old days of Nazi Germany, ahh Yes, we know.

Check back later for this video as Mark Dice is appealing the decision of youtube to aid and abed criminal activity and censor your rights.  I may also be able to acquire this video and post it here on the CRN server.

(Last time I checked this page, this video was once again active on youtube, good job Mark!  Or perhaps it was because Alex Jones exposed youtube for this and maybe thousands flocked to youtube and checked to see for themselves if it was true, and with the flood of traffic, perhaps youtube re-enabled the video at that time? )