If Aliens Put Us Here

Aliens & the Bible

Did aliens put us here?


God, in His written Word to us, does make mention of “others” who have been among us.  But exactly who were and (are) they?

The following link will take you to a very complete and lengthy expose explaining all about who these others are.  Be prepared for a very lengthy read.  However, the article though very long, is very explanatory, and I encourage any reader who wants to learn about this subject, to take the time to read the entire article from start to finish.

The article is very biblical and correct and offers some pretty deep teachings regarding UFO’s and aliens in a biblical perspective.  The reader may want to book mark or add to favorites this article, as some may not be able to read it in one sitting and will have to return to it a few times to complete it.

Find this extraordinary article here, in Lambert Dolphin’s Library: http://www.ldolphin.org/unruh/alien/aliens.html