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Christian Questions & Answers database

Christian Questions and Answers

This is a data base of questions we have gathered over the years.


Who can be saved? How to be saved & why to be saved

Religion or Salvation? What’s the difference?

Is there any real proof of God? Yup!  Right here we show you

Question: Who or what does the planet Jupiter represent in the Revelation 12 Sign? Answer: Click Here

Is Hell Really Real?
Is Hell Real?

Help – I’m a backsliding Christian – Are you backsliding, or have you been in a backsliding position since you were saved? Have you fallen back into sin again since you were saved? Here is help

The Pre-tribulation Rapture – Robert Breaker teaches how to rightly divide the scritpures and shows how the bible teaches a PRE tribulation rapture
Pre-Tribulation Rapture - Video

Is being a Christian the only way to be saved? And, why do some Christians think their way is the only way?

How To Recognize a Cult – Do you know how to recognize a cult, or a false religion?

Wicca – Questions & Answers About Wicca – Introduction to Wicca

How should Christians dress? And, what about lust?

Should women be Pastors?  Should women preach in church?

What about Gay Christians? What about gay’s in the church? Can a homosexual be saved?

What does the bible say about abortion?

Was Noah’s Ark Real?

The Gospel in the Stars – God made the planets and the stars, He not only made them, but he named them too!  Christians should stay away from Astrology and horoscopes.  Astrology is studying the stars & trying to predict the future by them, or fame and fortune, etc.  But LOOKING at the stars, and still trusting in God’s written Word, the bible, – is entirely different. God actually tells us to look up and see His heavenly bodies.  Christians should not be fearful of looking up into the heavens at what our mighty God has done.  Robert Breaker does a nice job in this video of explain this all out…
The Gospel in the Stars -