Planet X Earth Changes & Events

Planet X (Nibiru) Earth Changes
and Other Events


Like it or not, believe it or not, the Nibiru System is around behind our sun right now, at the time of this post (Sept. 4, 2017).  Like it or not, believe it or not, it will continue moving around behind our sun and will begin it’s approach toward Earth.

We are already seeing many Earth Changes.  For instance, have you noticed the sun seems much brighter and almost pure white these days? And on a bright sunny day with the sun being even brighter than normal, the light across the land seems dimmer.  Nibiru is near our sun now.  It is cyphering energy from the Sun, drawing more coronal ejections, and as the author of this site, and not being a scientist or a geologist, I don’t know what else!

Here then, are some Earth Changes vids and perhaps images, which we are already seeing.

Update: October 18, 2017

Warning – A special statement



Update: September 14, 2017

Dr. Claudia Albers, a professional Physicist and Planet X Researcher Explains exactly what has been going on and exactly what is going on now.  If you don’t get it by now, you probably won’t.



Update – September 13, 2017

The Planet X – Nibiru system is wreaking havoc with our Earth and Sun.  Even though the system is still around behind our Sun, over 93 million miles away, it’s magnetic and gravitational pulls are influencing everything.  The system draws energy out of the sun toward itself and it also causes sun spots and enormous solar flares. Solar flares with large increases of radiation come at our Earth.  We are seeing crazy weather and climate changes like never before as the Nibiru system plays around behind our sun.

Jet Stream Crosses Equater

Update – September 9, 2017

As of September 9, we have seen some very striking changes occur.   The Nibiru planetary system is somewhere near the back side of our sun right now and is not only drawing energy from the sun, but upsetting our sun in various ways.

1)  Planet X system near the sun caused sun flares
2)  Sun flares have hit our Earth and caused the hurricanes in the Atlantic:  Harvy, Irma, Jose and Katia caused by these solar flares, and earthquakes
3)  Interestingly, the Solar Eclipse we had, if we trace out the path of totality (how the eclipse shadow moved diagonally across the US, it began in the North West and went diagonally across the country and exited in the South East, but the shadow of totality did not stop at the land end of the South East, it continues on and stopped out in the Atlantic – right where Harvy began.

Nibiru Causes Changes in our Sun & on our Planet:

Happening now as of September 5, 2017

Earthquakes, Solar Winds & Mass Coronal Ejections, extreme weather, earthquakes in diverse places, volcanic activity, darkening skies and land at mid day in direct sunlight, increase in rain in some parts of the country, increase in heat in other places, increase in fireballs and meteor activity, pole shifting of our Earth, lowered clouds and compressed, increase in chemtrailing, lights and reflections, orbs and heavenly bodies showing up, and who knows what I am not thinking to add, but all of these are happening now, as the Nibiru, or Planet X system is near.


Earthquake Swarm as Nibiru Near Our Sun
Earth changes are now undeniable



An Amazing Video Capture.

Other bodies are showing up in our skies now.  This is not Nibiru, however Nibiru does have 7 other planets and moons and a sun of it’s own which are orbiting Nibiru.  Based on the research I have been doing, this very well could be the “Red Kachina”.

And the video below is Physicist Claudia.  Claudia explains the scientific and technical about this pink body which has been seen at various times in various places around our Earth…