List of Links

For News:  Other than the owned and controled mainstream networks who only tell you what their puppet masters make them tell you…

OANN  One America News Network

OANN on youtube:

Right Side Broadcasting – EVERY Trump RALLEY on site.  EVERY Trump Press Conference – Every Trump speach covered. Plus Team Trump & Right View. Uncut, Unslashed like the mainstream news propaganda networks do.

Independant News:

The Corbett Report: Extremely good, well researched, each report varified and proved.  Gives you info on things YOU WILL NEVER EVER hear on mainstream news.

Lisa Haven News: Independant news reporting by Lisa and her team.  They research very well and back up everything they report.  Also showing things the mainstream will never ever show

Lori Colley:  Lori has studied the Q movement since it began and she is very good at decoding and reporting the latest Q posts reguarly.  Highly recommended, also showing things the mainstream will never ever show.  All the UNDERGROUND stuff that NO NEWS CHANNEL WILL EVER EVER PUBLISH… EVER.