Planet X Road

Planet X Road


My apologies that all of this section is not yet constructed.
I will be building this section and adding to it as time permits.

Meanwhile, have a look through, as some stuff is here.



Sleeping Christians Need to Wake UP!
Repent, draw near to God, be awake to what
is happening soon, learn it, warn others!

Unsaved People Need to Wake UP!
Call on the name of the Lord Jesus so
you can be saved.  Nobody is escaping this
but those who are saved, who will go up –
and the Day of the Lord is almost upon us now.


The information about Planet X – Nibiru, is deep as it is astounding.
This section, Planet X Road, deals with Planet X issues, questions, proofs, evidences etc, in a more categorized way and sort of gives a road to follow in sorting it all out.

Most of what will be posted in this section are links to videos, documents, interviews, etc.  But we will arrange things in a way that viewers can more easily find what they are looking for.

Since I, the author of the CRN site, had my eyes opened to Planet X or Nibiru and the Revelation 12 sign and all of what is going on, I have done some very intense research.
I have discovered that there ARE good and credible sources which we can follow, and there are also sources which are putting out bogus information, unresearched and uninformed.

Some sources put up youtube videos to make money off of the advertising system of youtube.  They don’t care if they are misleading people or not.  But through careful study and diligent investigating and research, we are confident that the sources we will offer here are known to be credible and trustworthy.



Why should we care about Planet X?
Find out what will happen when the Dark Star
comes near Earth

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Revelation 12 –

What’s it all about?

A Great Wonder in the Heavens
A Great Warning!

Revelation 12 - The Most Amazing Prophecy Happening now!

Planet X – Black Star – Nibiru
Questions & Answers

Terral03 – Planet X investigator/researcher
video addresses some basic questions about the Nibiru system.

Want to know more about what is going on?

The science involved?

How we can know what we know?

Planet X Questions & Answers Video