Is Hell Real?


Is Hell Real?


God’s written word, the bible, tells us about Hell.  God tells us that Hell is a literal place.  Saved Christians know without doubt that the bible is the real, spoken and Holy Spirit inspired word of God because for one, we believe God, and secondly, the very Spirit dwelling inside us testifies to it.

But there are other reasons to believe the bible is truly the written Word of God.

1) God proves Himself in the bible.  The bible is a very supernatural writing.  The bible was originally written on clay tablets and scrolls thousands of years ago and God uses the writings therein to prove that He is who He says He is.  There are nearly 7000 verses of prophecy in the bible and of those 7000 verses around 90% of them have been fulfilled with exact accuracy.  The remaining 10% of prophecies we are beginning now to see come to pass in this day.  The next events in God’s prophetic program are the coming cashless society, the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, the one world governmental system of the anti-Christ and the mark of the beast.

2) God proves Himself in the Heavens.  God made the planets and the stars and other celestial bodies and He even named them.  And, a couple of ways God has used the planets and the stars and the moons and the suns and the constellations was to precisely place them and set them in motion and He also uses them in a prophetic way.  God told us thousands of years ago in His writings, that our planets and stars and suns and celestial bodies would do something specific today.

One of the most striking prophecies of all times is (at the time of this writing, September 2017) to tell us about something very unique that would happen with the sun and the moon and several other planets involved.  God told us that the players in this lineup of planets and stars and the sun and the moon and the constellations would play out a story.  The planets and stars and sun and moon and constellations would line up in a very specific way and do something very unique.  Not only unique, but this would happen only 1 time in our entire existence, ever.  Well, this prophecy that God told us about thousands of years ago, is happening right now, over our heads in the stars.  This video uses planetary software to show exactly what the planets are doing in the prophecy.  We can actually watch them moving and watch them doing exactly what God told us they would do.  Click here to see this amazing prophecy of the planets and stars and sun and moon.

Other ways we know Hell is real

 Saved Christians who know the Lord Jesus Christ do not need to look beyond the bible, for God’s Word is sufficient for us, it is all we need.  But for the sake of those who are unsaved, because it may be important to the individual who has had difficulty believing in God or His words, the bible, we will introduce some ulterior ways to show you.

Temporary Death Experiences – Out of Body Experiences

Say what you want, believe what you want, and those who are dead set against believing in the supernatural or the other side, or life after death will not believe no matter what.  If you are such a skeptic with the brain type that is not able to grasp anything that you cannot see or hear well, first, I am sorry for that, I don’t know what to tell you.  Move on, because you might be, as they say, screwed. 

But if you have been gifted with the brain type that is at least open minded and able to grasp incoming information regarding supernatural things and things from beyond our own physical realm such as the spiritual world, other dimensions, life after death and other worldly things, then stick with me here and check this out.

This man temporarily dies after a terrible car accident.  He found his soul in a very wrong place.  He was revived in the hospital, and now tells about what he experienced.


Carl did temporarily die and what he saw was more horrifying than any monster 


This man temporarily died when his heart stopped from smoking drugs.  This is his story.


Atheist man temporarily wound up in the wrong place.  Here is this man telling his story about what he experienced.


This man died temporarily in a plane crash – caught a glimpse of the wrong place but also a glimpse of the right place


Question:  How do we know these people are not making up these stories?

Answer:  Because these people had a terrible, frightening, life changing experience, both with death, and what they experienced after the death of the body.  When they came back to the physical living, life, because of what they saw, they gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.  They now live for, and dedicate their lives to living for God through Jesus.  Keeping this in mind, a saved Christian, living for God, is not going to have a lying testimony.  If they were lying about their stories, they would be living a lie.  Their very story that they tell about would be a lie.  That lie would be based upon nothing but sin.  That sin would separate them from God who does not lie and who promises us that all liars will have their part in the Lake of Fire.  It would not be possible to dedicate your whole life to living for God and spend all of your days living for God through Jesus and all of your time telling people about Jesus and how to be saved, if you are knowingly living total lie.  

This man spends his days trying to warn people.

The walking dead – masses of people walking by in Hollywood as a man preaches to them urging them to call on Jesus to be saved.  Some walk on by, some smile and snicker, some pick up the pace to get by faster. Who will listen? Who will keep their own soul from eternal damnation?


EVPs – Electronic Voice Phenomenon

This section is here only to verify that there is indeed “the other side”, a spiritual realm & life after death.  The soul lives on eternally.

Most people have seen the ghost hunting shows and have heard the EVPs caught on digital voice recorders of spirits from the other side.  There is no disputing that EVPs are real.  Me, the writer of this article, I have not only seen those evidences and heard them, but I myself spent 2 years of my life recording EVPs.  During that 2 year time, I took my digital voice recorder nearly everywhere I went.  Almost every waking moment I spent with the digital voice recorder powered on, recording those voices.  Why?  I did it because the first time I ever turned it on and recorded, I did get a whispering voice. 

I had turned on the recorder and laid back on the couch and took a short rest for about a half hour.  I got up from the couch, grabbed my new digital voice recorder, took it to the computer, plugged it in, brought up my sound recording software and pushed PLAY.  What I heard shocked me.  A whispering voice that said: “shhh, on the couch, very often”.  This is absolutely true, and by God Himself I swear it to be so.  After hearing this whispering voice, I could not help myself but to record more – and more.  I recorded for 2 years and during that time I recorded hundreds of various voices, sentences, expressions, messages and warnings. Some messages were to me personally as they addressed me by name.

Eventually, toward the end of the two year period, spiritual activity was becoming too much in our home, as what I called “the others”, were becoming too many and too active.  During the last days of this 2 year period, my son and I were going upstairs in the house.  At the top of the staircase was a book shelf.  On that book shelf sat a screwdriver.  As we approached the top of the stairs the screwdriver launched itself at my son, who was in front of me.  This experience, after many others we had seen, was the deciding factor in my stopping recording.  During the 2 year time of recording what I called “the others”, I recorded 7 full DVDs.  My point is, yes they are real.  Very real.

 Here, I am not providing EVPs for you to listen to, because there are hundreds all over the internet.  If you must listen to EVPs they are easy enough to find.  A single search for evps on bing will yield more results than you will even have time to listen to.  You can also go to the  The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena which will give you all the research and proofs you need.

Siberia drilling operation

 The Soviet Union began an ambitious drilling project whose goal was to penetrate the Earth’s upper crust and sample the warm, mysterious area where the crust and mantle intermingle– the Mohorovičić discontinuity, or “Moho.” So deep is this area that the Russian scientists had to invent new ways of drilling, and some of their new methods proved quite inventive. But despite the valiant effort which spanned several decades, the Russians never reached their goal, and many of the Earth’s secrets were left undiscovered. The work done by the Soviets did, however, provide a plethora of information about what lies just beneath the surface, and it continues to be scientifically useful today. The project is known as the Kola Superdeep Borehole.

The Russian researchers were also surprised at how quickly the temperatures rose as the borehole deepened, which is the factor that ultimately halted the project’s progress. Despite the scientists’ efforts to combat the heat by refrigerating the drilling mud before pumping it down, at twelve kilometers the drill began to approach its maximum heat tolerance. At that depth researchers had estimated that they would encounter rocks at 100°C (212°F), but the actual temperature was about 180°C (356°F)– much higher than anticipated. At that level of heat and pressure, the rocks began to act more like a plastic than a solid, and the hole had a tendency to flow closed whenever the drill bit was pulled out for replacement. Forward progress became impossible without some technological breakthroughs and major renovations of the equipment on hand, so drilling stopped on the SG-3 branch. If the hole had reached the initial goal of 15,000 meters, temperatures would have reached a projected 300°C (572°F).

When drilling stopped in 1994, the hole was over seven miles deep (12,262 meters), making it by far the deepest hole ever drilled by humankind.

The latest discovery, however, is so earth-shattering that scientists are afraid to continue with the project. In an attempt to listen to the shifting of the earth’s different levels, a high-sensitivity microphone was extended into the shaft. What they heard turned the logical-minded Russian scientists into trembling wrecks! “There was a faint high-pitched noise, which we thought was our equipment,” explains Dr. Azzakov. “But after we made some adjustments, we realised it was indeed coming from the earth’s center. We could hardly believe our ears. What we were listening to was the unmistakable sound of a human voice, screaming in pain.” “Although one voice was prominent, we could also make out, as if in the background, the screams of thousands, perhaps millions of tormented souls.” Since the ghastly discovery, half the scientists have resigned in fear. “Hopefully, whatever’s down there will stay down there,” adds Dr. Azzakov

Here is the EVP which was mistakenly caught when they intended to listen for Earth sounds


Satanists Believe in a Real, Literal, Hell, and real, literal demons,
and a real and literal satan. 

It is worth noting here, that many cultists, many “satanic” groups who practice satanism, witchcraft, etc, practice their worship and yet do not believe there is a real Hell or real demons or a real satan. These are the ones who dabble in it but who do not take it seriously enough that they truly believe.  However, the larger ones, the HEAD ones at the top, the real ones do. 

Who are the “real” ones? 

The ones who can be deemed as real satanists are those who truly worship satan.  From the plain simple man at the bottom of the chain who believes in satan and worships him, all the way up to the top of the chain, the Illuminati and the global elites who regularly sacrifice babies and teens, boys and girls alike, to their lord satan.  These, the ones who really believe in satan, and who worship him are the ones who can be deemed “real” satanists.  These, believe in the real, literal hell, and they believe in the real literal satan.

Ex Satanist Tells About Hell & Satan


Satanic High Priest’s Daughter  –  Here is the daughter of an actual satanic high priest.  This is her story.


A psychic tells about demons

 So, is Hell really real?

 Saved Christians know that Hell is very real.  In the very soul belonging to the people of God, God’s Holy Spirit testifies to this fact.  But if you are not saved, if you do not know Jesus, then you do not yet know His Holy Spirit, you do not yet have “spiritual eyes” to see with.  Psychics and Mediums likewise do not have God’s spiritual eyes, though some of the real ones have been shown some things and have seen some things, even though what they have been shown may not be from God.

 Dear soul, if you would only call on Jesus and ask Him to come into your heart and life and ask Him to save you, you will be shown, you will know.

Back to the subject of Hell… God tells us that “without faith, it is impossible to please God.”  Saved Christians know that faith.  Saved Christians know about Hell.  But if you are unsaved as of yet, then this is the last video I offer you here.

Scientific Proof that Hell Exists