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David Meade studied astronomy, and economics, at a mid-western University. After graduation, he worked in forensic investigations for a number of years. The last 10 years he has spent with Fortune 1000 Companies, writing special reports for management. He is a specialist in research and investigations. He has 10 books to his credit. He enjoys relating science and the Bible. He believes Planet X is a perfect marriage of the two. He is also a Guest Writer for Planet X News.

[ David Meade’s Web Site ]


Independent producer, Reyn Mercuri, Co-Executive Founder from 5 Talent Entertainment, ventures off on his own to take on a personal quest to find out the truth if the infamous subject of Planet X is based on truth or fiction. His next installment to the Planet 7X journey will dive deeper into the research with Gill Broussard, his evidence and the watchmen on the wall in finding out if Planet 7X is a part of end times prophecy.

John Moore – Planet X Investigator

  • Speaker and Trainer since 1986
  • Radio Talk Show Host
  • Private Investigator
  • Homicide detective since 1973
  • Homicide Detective State of Missouri 8 years
  • Decorated Vietnam Veteran
  • Flew 57 combat missions
  • Bodyguard Assignments


John Moore Planet X Investigator


[ Gill Broussard’s Web Site ]

Planet X Researcher Gill Broussard Explains

Gill Broussard has been researching Planet X for many years.

This interview with Gill is astounding, as he uses both scientific
data correlating with biblical and other historical data, along with
space charting, to show exactly what Planet X is going to do and
when it is going to cross paths with Earth – and – what will happen when it does.

This interview is one you don’t want to miss


Terral03 is an astronomer and a diligent Planet X tracker.  Each week Terrral dedicates his time to tracking Planet X and the Earth changes which it is creating.  He uses raw scientific data of earthquake activity around the world, volcanic activity, flooding, excited weather and star charting to track the current position of the Planet X system, he then brings it to the public in well put together weekly video news letter.

Terral03 youtube channel